The debut full-length album from Bomb the Music Industry! Recorded by ex-Arrogant Sons of Bitches frontman, Jeff Rosenstock in a bedroom as an unexpected creative outburst during a month-long sobriety spree. Unlicensed cover songs. Unlicensed audio samples. Great times.

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1. Blow Your Brains Out On Live TV!!!
2. Does Your Face Hurt? No? 'Cause It's Killing Me!!!
3. It Ceases To Be "Whining" If You're Still "Shitting" Blood
4. Big Plans of Sleeping In
5. I'm A Panic Bomb, Baby!
6. Sweet Home Cananada
7. Funcoland vs. the Southern Electorate
8. Ready... Set... No!!!
9. I'm Too Cooooooooool For Music
10. Pike St. - Park Slope (Harvey Danger)
12. Future 86

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NOTES: The grand scheme of this whole thing happened as it was being written/recorded. I realized that a lot of ideas that I have never happen because I can't think of a good way to write them down. Then after I DO write them down, I don't remember EXACTLY how I thought they should go so I can give them to the other people I'm in a band with. When The Arrogant Sons of Bitches went on hiatus, I no longer had a band. For a while this made me think "well, I have no reason to write music 'cause who's gonna play it." After giving up for a couple of months, I started working on a few cover songs including Harvey Danger's "Pike St. - Park Slope." It was a lot of fun to take someone else's ideas and try and make them my own, and since those songs were already on other records I could play around with them and make my own versions and stuff and even if it sucked there was already far better versions of these songs elsewhere. The ideas I came up with rarely sounded like those songs that I was actually covering and I started taking those ideas and putting them into my own songs with my own chords and words. Then one day I was sitting in my bedroom and I thought of the "I'm checkin' out" line in "Sweet Home Cananada." and I liked it a LOT and didn't want to forget it, so I recorded it on my computer with Garageband and the 'internal microphone' which is located SOMEWHERE that I don't know. I really liked it, played it for some people and they liked it too. I already knew I kinda wanted to start a band based on certain ideas, but now I had a song to do it with too. After that, I started recording every idea I had, 60% of them were good. Eventually they slowly and surely became songs. These recordings were mostly done in a bedroom with a Powerbook computer, MBox, ProTools and a one-hundred dollar microphone called the Oktava MK-319 (except for "sweet home cananada which was recorded on the Powerbook's internal microphone) . Some vocals were recorded at the Fad's practice space so I didn't have to piss off my neighbors by cursing as loudly as possible well past dinnertime. I also inclued "Future 86" which was a song I recorded last summer in my bedroom with a SM-58 and Cool Edit. Also, there are backing vocals on that by The Arrogant Sons of Bitches (recorded in a van), The Know How and around 100 kids in a barn in Massachusettes.

BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT ON LIVE TV!!! (Buffalo/Manhattan/Long Island)
The two hardcore songs on the album are both revolved around a string of thoughts I had on the subway, possibly while drunk. I had written a lot of songs while I lived in Manhattan while riding subway trains or walking around and while they generally sucked, I could always salvage some of the melodies and make them into different better songs. Anyway, I hadn't been in New York for a real long time and I had scrawled down a bunch of notes/chords and the words "Blow Your Brains Out on Live TV!!!" All that stuff didn't really work together, so I took that chorus and added it to a song that I wrote in my girlfriend's basement in Buffalo during the five minutes that I decided I wanted to have a strictly 80's hardcore band. This was around the time that Bush got re-elected and that guy killed himself at the WTC site and I thought that was a bold protest statement for whatever reason. So I was in the shower and I was thinking about Bud Dwyer and the infamous moment when he killed himself in front of Congress or whoever it was and how he's famous now. Fox was saying "some stupid protester kills himself because of Bush and disgraces 9/11" which I always think is bullshit. I was in the shower thinking about this and thought about "Hey Man Nice Shot" which I believe is about that dude and how when I went to school, we visited the Museum of Television and Radio and they talked about crazy shit like that which gets televised. The point of this story is that name-checking Filter and the Museum of Television and Radio in the same sentence is one of the only things I've ever written that I look at people and say "see... see... i can be funny too" with my eyes.

DOES YOUR FACE HURT? NO? 'CAUSE IT'S KILLING ME!!! (New Orleans/Gainesville/Long Island)
So I guess this song is kind of the mission statement of Bomb the Music Industry! in a way because I wrote the lyrics after seeing people in bands just try and be so fucking cool all the time. Then I stayed at the Know How house for a bunch of days and here was a band that WAS really cool and just aren't image conscious. The second half of this song was partially written in a motel six in New Orleans with Sean Qualls. The two of us decided that we like each others' songs and since we're in ASOB together, we should write songs together and they'd be awesome. We wrote this song that had so many parts that I obviously wrote and so many parts that he obviously wrote and we couldn't get anything good. Except for the first like three minutes of the song which were this one part, which has been condensed for your listening pleasure. Oh yeah, a lot of the lyrics to this one are still being worked on so BEAR WITH US!!! (music by jeff rosenstock and sean qualls)

To those in the know, it's pretty fucking obvious what this damn song is about. For those who aren't in the know, this is about all the pressures of being in a band that is about to break and feeling like if you DON'T break, you're personally responsible for all of it. It's also about the machine that a band creates when it decided to buy a van, sell merch, put out records, et cetera. Plain and simple. No universal message. Yeah, me neither.

I had never written a nice song about anyone ever and I'm really not sure why. Anyway, this is the first and only nice song I've ever written about a person so far. I had written the vocal melody in my head while I was just around Washington Square Park and I RAN home to 3rd Ave. and 14th St., waited for an elevator for a few minutes and ran and wrote it down. I couldn't think of anything angry to write on top of it, so I wrote a song about staying in one room all day with someone you love, watching tv, having sex, drinking booze and eating ice cream. When I was refining the lyrics I realized this isn't so much a love song as it is an alcohol song. Then I added the part about nailing everyone else's feet to the ground so they can't move thus they can't come over and bother me. At that point the song just became wrong. (Includes a sample from "Shaun of the Dead" which is an awesome movie)

I'M A PANIC BOMB, BABY! (Oneonta/Long Island)
Written in a car on a drive home from upstate New York after a blizzard. I initially wanted it to be a part of some other thing I'm writing called "John Starks: Motherfucker" but when I got home, I added it in with some other thing I wrote and recorded on my cell phone and it seemed to work. This song is about my many trips to many doctors, mainly this one bald dude who told me that the best solution for being able to fall asleep at night would be to wear these goggles that look like those huge black sunglasses for old people, the ones that go around your entire head. He told me I should wear them all day through school and they cost like $500. He was also asking really intrusive questions for a dude I just met like "DO YOU LIKE PAIN? DO YOU THINK OF KILLING YOURSELF? HAVE YOU EVER CUT YOURSELF? DO YOU SMOKE? YOUR MOM WANTS TO KNOW IF YOU SMOKE?" I later assumed he was a goggle salesman in a fake office.

So, I was getting a lot of messages from an ex-girlfriend who I had been hurt by and didn't really want to call back and share my problems with. While all this way going on, that motherfucker George W. Bush got re-elected and I decided that if I moved to a different country, it wouldn't matter if I had a band or if i had an ex-girlfriend or if i had Bush was president here... all those problems would go away. I guess everyone wants to get away from shit once in a while. This whole song was recorded using Garageband and this microphone that is apparently somewhere inside my computer. You can hear me feeling the computer at the beginning trying to find the microphone. I never did. There's also no electric guitars or bass... just distorted acoustic guitars. (includes a sample from David Cross's "Shut Up You Fucking Baby")

We were at our first Bomb the Music Industry! practice and John's amp wouldn't work so he blew on it. We asked him what the hell he was doing and he said he didn't know, he was trying to fix it like he would fix a Nintendo cartridge. He then suggested that it would be awesome if we could fix all of our problems like that, by blowing on them. He told me I should write a song about it. I told him HE should write the fucking song, jeez. The next day, I remembered a hardcore song I scribbled down while on a subway while I was in the shower and figured out how this could be a song. John was pretty surprised at the turn-around period of one day. (concept by john dedomenici)

READY... SET... NO!!! (Manhattan/Long Island)
After ASOB decided not to tour or play for a little while, I was freaking out about what the hell was I gonna do with my life and I started developing these really weird tendencies. One night I decided it'd be a good idea to make a list of these problems I kept blowing up out of proportion and that it would solve everything. It didn't solve anything at all, but it turned into this song. On a lighter note, I wrote the music to this while searching the streets of midtown Manhattan for my grandmother after she wandered off during a family get-together.

I'M TOO COOOOOL FOR MUSIC (Gainesville/Escondido/Long Island)
I don't like noise rock bands that don't have the decency to do anything interesting. I don't like bands that use the f or n words while speaking without any reason for it except to shock people. I especially don't like when bands use those words out of hate. And that's that. (includes a sample from "Arrested Development" which airs on Fox every Sunday at 8:30 and you should watch it)

PIKE ST. - PARK SLOPE (Harvey Danger)
This is a song by Harvey Danger and is a piano ballad in it's original form. I always liked it though, especially the lyrics which Harvey Danger always do exceedingly well. This was one of three songs I was thinking of covering ("Bastards of Young" by the Replacements and "Wave of Mutilation" by the Pixies were the other two) when I decided to see how all my recording shit worked. I actually wanted to put out mini-EPs of cover songs every month, a different artist every month but that turned out to be too much work after I started dealing with this one. For some reason, the tracks to this song were always allocated to my computer (small hard drive) instead of my hard drive (big hard drive) so it became almost impossible at the end to mix it in any way whatsoever. When recording the vocals and guitar parts, there was all this delay because the computer had to process everything, so I had to go in and line all the tracks up by hand, and then the computer would tell me there wasn't enough memory to do THAT, i'd have to restart it and do a little bit more and repeat. So this was a royal pain in the ass and doesn't sound too great but it's the best I've got. It's a shame because I really really do like the song, and the arrangement should have been pretty cool. But I'm also relieved I didn't do this on any of the songs I wrote. (from the album "King James Version" by Harveey Danger)

Laura Stevenson wrote this song about this gig that she was really bummed about doing. She's a singer/songwriter and plays in bars and stuff. This is about doing that and having redneck idiots (because for some reason EVERYWHERE is filled with redneck idiots) shouting "show us your knockers!!!" or "play some skynyrd man!!!!" So anyway, Laura writes this song... this SKA song and obviously is like "hey, jeff, i wrote a ska song! isn't that weird!" because it IS weird because she doesn't write ska songs. But I get really awkward when people play songs for me 'cause I usually hate them. So, I covered my eyes and put my head in my lap and she played and sang the song for me and it was actually REALLY REALLY good. So I told her I liked it. She didn't like the words and didn't know how to end the song, so I added the bridge, put a bunch of "fucks" in there, and voila! song! (music and lyrics by laura stevenson and jeff rosenstock)

FUTURE 86 (Manhattan/Train to Long Island)
I had just watched Dr. Strangelove and there's this song at the end of it that I thought was FUCKING AMAZING so I decided I could rip it off and no one else would ever really know. Then I lost the DVD (which didn't belong to me) so I couldn't go back for reference when I actually recorded this. This was recorded for ASOB, but when it came time to re-record it, everything sounded a lot more forced and less natural than the original demo, so we opted to keep this version instead and just add the band singing background vocals. We recorded two tracks of vocals on the way to a show in a barn in Massachusettes, one in the back of the van, one in the front. Once we got to the barn, we handed out lyric sheets to all the kids, played this song and said "if you wanna sing vocals on the album version of this song, stick around after the show." We got probably 80 or 90 kids to stick around and sing and clap and the Know How guys did the same. It was a lot of fun, but I decided to put it on this because the compilation it was recorded for never really came out and this is the ultimate bedroom rock and roll song.