Holy shit! A brand new Bomb the Music Industry! EP. Recorded, mixed and released in the span of FIVE DAYS, Adults!!! has the whole big family playing a million horns, bells, organs at full speed! Yes yes yes!!!

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1. You Still Believe In Me?
2. Planning My Death
3. Slumlord
4. All Ages Shows
5. Big Ending
6. The First Time I Met Sanawon
7. Struggler

This time around, Bomb the Music Industry! is

Neil Callaghan - Farfisa Organ
Mike Costa - Drums
John DeDomenici - Bass
Matt Keegan - Trombone, Vocals
Christine Mackie - Glockenspiel, Vocals
Tom Malinowski - Guitar
Jeff Rosenstock - Vocals, Guitars, Saxophone, Keyboards
Laura Stevenson - Vocals

Drums, bass and guitar for this EP were tracked live at John DeDomenici's mom's house. In the basement. Some guitar overdubs and farfisa were recorded by Tom Malinowski at his recording space. All other overdubs were done at Quote Unquote Records. Jeff's Apartment.

Produced and mixed by Jeff Rosenstock.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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I came in from the storm and the television's on.
Celebrities enact fictionalized tales.
How could my boring life compete?

I thought about the drugs,
how I thought they fixed my brain until I was in the dark
rattling containers, scribbling garbage to myself:

I need constant attention of else I'm gonna get distracted
but even if you tell me something I can't guarantee I'm listening.
I hear "BA BA BA BA BA"

I've never been in love but I saw Brian Wilson once.
I was drunk and screamed too loud over the falsetto in "You Still Believe in Me."
And I thought about the way his catastrophes could make everything okay
Until I watched the fire fade and former dayglo embers turned to ashy greys and blacks.
One exhausted triple encore, unplugged bass around his neck.
I know fires don't last forever, but I need to find a match because these days, fuck, I'm tired.

I used to be an awesome listener.
But now I just drift and out or get pulled away by beats and measures
like I don' t have a choice but failure and running from a brighter future.

It's never take me back 'cause I'm not sorry
For all the times I ran away or wasted my vacation days.
It's something I can't bring myself to say.


I'm bad at making mistakes though I still make a lot of mistakes.
But I internalize the problem five times over
Until I can't seem to speak.
No goodbyes, I'll flee the scene
Start my perfect life as an imperfect loner.

I've been planning my death 'cause I wanna have a really good death.
I want heroism, mystery and courage.
Does anybody think about these things?
Every time I lay down recently
I've been overcome by nightmares filled with stabbings, guns and flames.

I'm disappearing, no one's saving me.
I'm running to the undertow 'cause it's inviting.
Not responding.
I'm in hiding, fighting off myself.

So "Kill Me Sarah," I get stressed out too.
I'm teeming with the regrets of constantly clinging to
the lonely, depressing.

I'm rebuilding myself.
Oh, I gotta have a way better self.
I'm starting by having conversations sober.
But even with the things I try to change, the only thing I want will stay the same
That someone will miss me when my life is over.


Mold and mice
and stolen bikes
and a van everybody wants to break into.

Dirty halls and holey walls.
And a door I'm afraid I can't buzz you in through.

But I'll be away tomorrow.
I swear I'm gonna find a place.
I'm gonna do this right and find a better place.

The super stares 'cause we're on the roof and drinking beers.
I don't care, take a photograph if you want to.

I ain't giving you shit, I ain't paying my rent
Til I got hot water and my toilet's fixed.
I don't care. Try to kick me out if you want to.

'Cause I'll be away tomorrow.
I swear I'm gonna find a place.
I'm gonna do this right and find a place
and I will tell my slumlord to get out of my face.
I get the world, you get nothing.
I'm done giving a shit. I'm not paying my rent.

He ain't getting a thing from you and me,
we deserve to be happy.
Fuck this lease.
We're living in a dead city.

I get the world.
You get nothing.
You ain't getting a thing from me.


All of my work was done
I turned the TV on and I forgot that I can turn it off.

We live up on the top.
They leave the door unlocked.
So just come in.
I don't need to buzz you up
and I never go anywhere.

I am a babbling brook
You are a pile of bricks
You'll stop the flood and it will make me sick.

You are the shoes and feet
I am a pile of shit
I'm fucking up a good relationship
and I never go anywhere.

In a trashed room in 1996.
A fourteen year old punk and in a flash I'm my parents.
And we'll never know love, 'cause I was too busy talking to my Green Day posters
They never said nothing to me.

Let's start a conversation about anything.
I'm tired of arguing.
It isn't fun for me.
Reverse psychology instead of just listening up - that always seemed stupid to me.

Can you stay here?
Can we blast the Descendents?
Can we turn our phones off and get lost in The Simpsons?
I feel inches away from getting swallowed by darkness.
And I know that you're tired, but can you draw back the curtains for me?

My friends ain't all that great.
We play in legion halls, slam beers outside, relieve ourselves on walls.

My friends ain't all that bad.
We play all ages shows and we'll start on time if you decide to go.


First off, I didn't feel comfortable.
I'd been drinking for weeks and forgetting to eat
and sleeping shitty in a college common room.

Trying to make friends with strangers, swapping telephone numbers
Making crazy demands to play a show in your basement.
Two days later I didn't think that you would give us our first Chicago punk rock show.

I didn't think I had a chance.
I had a hunch that lost a lot of my friends.
I never thought I'd get the feeling back again.
I never thought I'd smile again but I was dumb
'cause I felt kinda good in your neighborhood
Although I kinda fell down atop a pile of kinda dried up blood
and stumbled back to your home without outblacking.

These days, we're both getting old.
And while you're buying a house, I'm losing sight of my goals.
I took my time and now I've got nothing to show.
But when I see you next year, we'll have a coffee or beer
and I'll be real glad my failures aren't making things weird.

As we get older every day feels longer
and although I know I'll struggle I will
do my best to never get tired.
I know Chicago will be cold tomorrow
Let's cash in on our thin blood and have another one.
No flaking no leaving.

No flaking no leaving, mistaking our dealings
for burdens that stop us from waking up early
and working, repeating the process of bleeding
our tired heads dry with the motions of failing again.
I'm tired of complaining
I'm tired of complaining
But I'm thankful for the first time I met Sanawon.


They won't go away.
I don't think I've seem 'em blink at all.
They all know my name and they're waiting for me to fall
on my face as I attempt to have my tiny little life.
They wait in the wings and I'm not sure why.

I used to be thin.
I used to look good with a guitar.
You're always alone when you don't know who you are.
If the slightest shove can shatter, crush and vaporize your bones, how are you supposed to deal with stones?

I don't wanna go outside
'Cause I might have a terrible day and get sent home.

And I'm not gonna change.
I'm always gonna be here.
All day.