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1. Kickball
2. Urban Pirate Style
3. C Maj
4. Broadway
5. Hey Freddie Mercury
6. Iron Lung
7. Hey Kathy
8. Real Lie
9. Taking Time Takes Time
10. V-ger
11. Contraband
12. To The Lions
13. Kids In...


We recorded the music for this record on a hot, sweaty day at a shitty warehouse in Gilroy, CA. A week later, we took another day to watch Morgan do vocals. At the time, he was smoking a pack and a half of Kools a day, had just gotten out of a serious operation, and was on an antibiotic that made him twitch and shake and yell. It may sound sloppy and gruff, but that's how it should sound.

Thanks to...
Skylar Suorez for recording this record, putting up with us and helping us finish it. It's been at least three years, but it's finally out! Thanks to Jeff and Quote Unquote. Also, thanks to Mike Park for his support and encouragement. Thanks to our sister band and soul-mates, Shinobu. Tons of love to all friends and family. Thank you for putting up with us being idiots. Thanks if you ever gave us a floor, a dollar, or anything.


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We got the secrets and we're burying them
So deep in the basement
We'll never come out, no never again
Cover it over with wet pavement

Kickball's watching MadTV
On the couch next to me
Looking naked and afraid
Watching the pig snort cocaine in his nose

And the dead-beat dads
And the dirty diaper rash
Will it ever come clean?
Watching the dad snort cocaine in his nose

Urban Pirate Style

You got the shit split on the turntable
You think it's so cool to cut school and break all the rules
With hair like an Indian and tattered and ragged clothes
Let's get some beers and go slam dance
With the kids in zipper ankle punk pants
Oh, you want I should slam dance?

The yelling and screaming oh it makes me want to yell and scream
Want to shout it from the roof tops come on
If I should die tonight, oh Lord please let me go under
In a tangle of the arms and legs

We're covered in man-sweat
Oh we stink like cigarettes
And our clothes are soaking wet
I got a home-made cut up t-shirt patch
And I only eat what I can snatch from the trash
We're gonna rape and pillage tear this town down
Like urban pirates but way more stylish

C Maj

He's saying that he wants youa and he won't give up
But you keep on leading him along
You're shakin' up his tree and all his fruit is falling down on me
And I can tell that you're loving every minute of it

You're barking up the wrong tree
By saying you're in love with me
I know, I know, I know, but I just can't let it go
An open and shut case
Shut with a slap in the face
I know, I know, I know, but I just can't let it go


Watch your back when you come by my house
'Cause I'm building a bomb in the garage
Take you out with the push of a button

There's this school next to my house
Filled with tired scenes of pregnant teens and baby carriages

And the boozer kids are walking home
At all hours under my window
Oh did you hear what she said though?
What she said, oh what they said?

There's this house next to my house
Filled with drunken teens away
And they're walking home
At three in the fucking morning keeping me awake

Hey Freddie Mercury

Hey Mr Bravery
You got me going crazy
Saying things you really beleive
While I'm stuck floundering
With feeble jokes and vague ideas that hide
What I really mean, I guess the joke's on me

Man alive! We're living the good life
It makes you want to run and shout
Oh just shout it out
I got a mouth that you can't shut up
It keeps running and it won't clam up

We're loving what we're doing
And we're doing what we love
And we love it
With no money in our pockets
Taking what they're giving
'Cause I'm working for a living

Spending money like I give it away
I got a whole life to throw away

Iron Lung

Getting worn out by the gallery
And I won't forget history
I never used to drink

Sister Jenny says it's all about the subjective
And the nominative case, and the present tense
Just say it over again until you can't think straight

Fold and tear on the perforated edge
I'm hanging on the thinnest thread
Plans slip from the tips of your fingers
And the tips of your tongues
One more breath and I'm done
This is life in the Iron Lung

Tired of have my nose shoved in text books and sex books
Face up to the fact your youth ain't coming back
You got a guarded heart, can't stop or start
Waiting to fall apart
If I knew then what I know now
I wouldn't know nothing

Hey Kathy

Sitting in an easy chair
Combing her poodle's hair
Oh it's taken years and years and years
To get the knots out

Trapped in with the demi-god
Her mothering just amounts to suffering

Oh hey Kathy do what you want
Just hold them in your mouth, until you're going out
Then Kathy why don't you just go spit them out

Oh hey Mama did you get what you want?
A daughter who can't eat or sleep, less than dead

Real Lie

Hey filthy bastard
Can you feel the feeling grow?
From your head down to your toes
It grows and grows and grows
This is real life that you're playing with
It's got the consequences

Drinking five or six drinks in three cans only
You're fucking up again, you're moving slow again
Sit back and watch it all go by, it's a lie, a real lie
What you tell yourself every night, that it's going alright

Just sigh, so deeply
Jist die, already

Taking Time Takes Time

Sit down on a park bench or lean up against a fence
It's free, it's free, it's free, it's free
You set a pretty hectic pace for the rest of the human race
It won't save you in the end
Did you watch that she bounces when she walks?

Woah! Keep running keep walking keep moving keep talking
Grim reaper on an escalator, its death on a conveyor belt

Let me tell you 'bout a little girl
She keeps the itty-bitty smiles in the itty-bitty corners of her mouth
Open wide, open wide, open wide


Slipped on the sludge, broke a hip
It's a crutch made of metal
Drilled in the skull, watch it ooze
It's a head filled with petrol

The wind blowing through your hair
Is the breath from the dragon's lair
Shaking all the leaves and tickling the brow of the beast
Roll my body up in bread crumbs
I'm ready for the fryer
Drop me into boiling oil in a basket made of wire

2020 honey I ain't got no fuckin' money
City of neon they got me on all the Freon
They can slip into free drinks at slot machines
We are all just appetizers in the feast of the beasts
Oh come on and eat!


Wake up, this backpack is packed full of contraband
I'll take the next bus out of here
I'm peddaling as fast as my legs can carry
When I'm dead, please don't bury me in the ground

Sunspots in front of your eyes
You press them with your fingertips
I hope you won a prize
A slap in the face and white powder in your eyes

Ride, study, ride, study, ride
Get back to work
To heal the shame that's killing your pride
Ride, study, ride, study, ride
Open your eyes
Or are they glued too tight to see
What's three feet in front of me

To The Lions

Pry, pry, pry
I love the tears on your face, wiith the flash in your eyes
Let's take some pictures of your panties on the bathroom floor
And did you get it on, like two hares with the madness set on?
And did you try at all, top convince them they were wrong?
How long before they throw you to the lions?

Kids In...

A lazy propeller plane
Passed overhead again
It sounds so much like home
I thought I died and gone to heaven
Oh lucky seven with kids in
Red OshKosh B'gosh oh oh my gosh

And we slept for hours
It was so great, you'r so great
What you do to me baby
Let's just get one thing straight
You're making me crazy

You know I love it when
You're three sheets to the wind
Splashing water with your tiny cupped hands
We got a house three streets from the beach
'Cause the ones right on it are just too expensive
With kids in red OshKosh B'gosh oh my gosh

Sleeping in or sleeping outside
We got so dirty but you know it feels alright