Bomb the Music Industry! / The Arrogant Sons of Bitches' drummer's debut EP brings up nostalgic feelings of the late 90's. For fans of Smoking Popes and Alkaline Trio. Or short records. I mean it's only four songs, what else you got to do?

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1. My Last Night in San Francisco
2. The Lucky Ones
3. We Lied In Silence
4. The Choices You Make

Mike Costa: Vocals, Guitars, Drums
Steve Wozniak: Bass

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Tom Malinowski @ Cellar Door Studios in Amityville, NY Cover design: Steve Wozniak


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


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If I had one wish
it would be you staring with your sultry eyes
From across the room
where I'll be waiting poised and steady

Yet I'm a nervous wreck, cause this means more than all the rest
Because if this wish came true, I doubt I'd be composed

And you came to me,
and whispered softly "Things will be ok"
And as I held you close
everything but you vanished right away

I startled out of sleep, and tried my best not to believe
that this was just a dream that I composed
on my last night in San Francisco

You were on my mind, and I couldn't help to shake that feeling
With your lips so soft pressing against mine, swelling up my breathing

To a rapid state, pushing my lungs to keep up with its pace
so these troubles wouldn't distract from the thoughts of you
The girl who could make all my wishes true

Never a time when your kiss would taste so sweet
Currently in a lie where my mind deceives
Wake up, think fast, breath slow, settle down, settle down, settle down

You're not around
So far across the states from where I am now, safe and sound, lying in your own bed at this hour dreaming of a wish to call your own

You're a pretty girl with a wit that cuts through conversations
Leave a trace of you where you go left for observation
There's a lucky one who you'll love and with them be forever true
If I had one wish it would be you


We wander now hopeless,
The kiss we shared is now a memory
I made mistakes and wear them like tattered clothes for my weddings first dance

So if I'm dreaming, wake me up
to face the dawn and process the past night without the fog of alcohol
In which I learned the fire deep in your heart thrives on something more than this
I just hope I'm what you need

The silence created makes it just that much harder to think
I lie awake at night reliving every word between every drink
Anticipation transcends sleep of dreaming to see you again
And pray that things between us stay the same.

We have regrets, we show them with our actions that differed from before
And they speak more than we have
in the last week, oh how I miss those conversations
I'm just trying to understand

The miscommunication got lost between both of our lips
Romances form from an alcohol induced friendly kiss
Some loves will last forever and be glad about their mistakes
While others tend to walk away ashamed.

I wander now hopelessly holding on to a spark I thought that burned
deep in your heart yet still I can't help but think
We could've been the lucky ones.


I know you wanted it
Said you needed it
But your patience stares you blankly in the face as you speak
And all this talking stops once I flick the light switch off
I saw you clutch your hands real tight
I kissed your forehead, said goodnight

I know tomorrow you'll catch the first train out of town

We lied in silence
With no resolve to this
You fell asleep despondent
So I doubt you'll wake me before you leave

To at least say goodbye before you head out of town
Upon waking up the first thing I'll notice is

The morning greeting me as sunshine fills this empty room
Staring at a letter on the pillow that was left by you
And it read:

"You know I wanted it
I said I needed it
But I can't wait much longer, time is passing by, you see.
You kept saying that you would
I know your intentions are good
With no progress I can see, you're just not the one for me

So I'm sorry I must move on with my life
It was nice knowing you, so take care. Goodbye!"

I'm burning daylight, I just can't seem to leave this room
I'm burning holes inside my pockets because you left too soon
I had your ring
Now you're gone


There are little moments you caught my eye, it's when you'd say something endearing and then before you walk away, you'd shoot a smile

It made me think that your heart was exposed to the ideas of us, i supposed all those moments started to compile

So I told you "I love you" but you took your time to formulate a response much different than mine
If only I believed those words were true
I could be free

Congenial meetings have been fading into close to nothing, I'm waiting while our conversations slowly unwind

Then there came the day with wistful reproach as if knowing my heart would just close with the notion you've kept fresh on your mind

You told me you were leaving
I pleaded please stay that hid behind my lips as you walked away
If only i believed those words would make something change

We could be free from all the hidden games we play
Ignoring the fact that honesty could kill the flames
Instead the beauty of your eyes don't match words that you say

Face value has a way of hiding things that you believe
But lies conceal your wants and not your needs

You should be free