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Bomb The Music Industry! is a musical collective from Baldwin, Nassau County, New York. They write, produce, record (sometimes only through the microphone on an iMac), and distribute all of their music under the leadership of lead songwriter and producer Jeff Rosenstock. Rosenstock and several other contributors are members of The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches. They have recently earned regard for their DIY punk ethic, embodied by such actions such as distributing three albums' worth of material for free on their site, and offering free stencils and paint for fans to create their own t-shirts. They also offer their fans a chance to perform on stage if they learn a song and bring their instrument to the show.

Bomb the Music Industry! plays a blend of several musical styles anchored onto ska and punk. They're often compared to bands from previous waves of ska such as the Blue Meanies, Fishbone or Big D and the Kids Table that blended a range of influences and experimental effects onto the ska framework common in each band's respective eras. Bomb the Music Industry! also share similarities with popular ska/punk and punk acts such as Catch-22 and Slapstick.

The influences go deeper than ska and punk, however, as studio experimentation, synth-pop, and DC hardcore pop up in the mix. Rosenstock claims that bands such as Harvey Danger and Neutral Milk Hotel are as much influences as standard ska/punk affairs, as evidenced by tracks such as “This Graceless Planet” (an adaptation of a song by the band We Versus the Shark to the musical aesthetic of Bomb the Music Industry!) or “Stand There Until You're Sober” (which feature, respectively, jarring synth breakouts and backwards looping). In live performances the band has begun using digital technology to create breakdowns that sound like they are lifted from 8-bit videogames. Tracks such as “Sweet Home Cannada” and “Future 86” strip down the arrangements to barebones loops and guitar, with the latter featuring a full brass section but lacking the upstroke rythms on the guitar, a key element of 3rd-wave Ska.

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Album Minus Band (2005)
To Leave or Die in Long Island (2005)
Goodbye Cool World (2006)
Get Warmer (2007)


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